In the Business of Superior WEB Accessed Solutions


. . . . Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
VPNs are now a common part of many corporate or home networks. These encrypted links across the Internet are formed either between two firewalls or VPN appliances, or between a remote computer and a firewall \ VPN appliance. Using industry standard IPSec configurations we can incorporate Virtual Private Networks VPNs into wide area networks WANS to link customers and suppliers in a controlled manner.

. . . . Secure remote access
We can also use VPNs to give remote users access to the business or home network when they are away from the office. Field sales personnel may need access to the office sales systems, or managers may require access to group calendars and email.

. . . . Scalable and secure VPNs
By being involved at the design stage, SWABIZZ can put together a network solution of the right size - that is scalable and secure.

"to give remote users access to the business network"