In the Business of Superior WEB Accessed Solutions


. . . . Network design fundamentals
Networks may evolve, but they should always follow sound network design fundamentals. We believe only then can a network meet the specific business needs of an organization, and provide reliable, secure, fast and efficient business communication. This is network infrastructure - business systems need great network infrastructure to run on.

. . . . Logical network design
Our emphasis on the logical design of the network from the outset of any project ensures that we put together a network design that meets the present requirements, and is also scalable to the future needs of the client. Understanding the client's business needs from the network allows us to recommend specific solutions to specific requirements.

. . . . Basic network design
Even for a basic network design we need to understand the need for it before we can understand the requirements from the proposed network. Until we have that understanding, any quote for cabling, wireless network, switches, servers, routers or firewalls may be flawed. If we supply, physically install and configure the hardware and software we have integrated into our design, we have complete knowledge of the whole infrastructure.

. . . . Advanced network design
Our advanced network design skills meet specific business requirements. For example, these may include Microsoft™ Terminal Services solutions to deploy applications across multiple sites. Leased circuits, ISDN links or Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) may form these Wide Area Networks (WANs).

"for a basic network design we need to understand the need for it"